Thanks God, You gave me a chance to feel the smell of hospital, injection, medicine, and the lapse endoscopy. There is no serious illness, like cancer, or tumor, said doctor. But I should take a bed rest for two weeks till the medicine runs out, since the stomach frequently experiences cramps due to unexpected stress. The consequences are: I’m not be able to do too many activities outside, and not to take a problem too serious.

I need to relax and not to let anything disturbing my mind, otherwise the stomach will produce acid (HCL) much. Doctor has sucked up the gastric acid because the stomach produced it a lot. He said that there’s a hole between my stomach and chest, so the gas rises to the top, causing heartburn. Sometimes it’s really disturbing when I’m doing my activities. The impact is, I can’t take a breath well if the gas spread upwards.

Sorry for not helping you much, my friends. I’m sure you Guys need direct meeting in Depok. I leave you with many jobs, but sorry, I’m now taking concern on my health, my body, my heart, and my God. I need to give myself permission to have down time. But I’ll try to get back to Depok soon after I feel better.

I pray for everything you are now doing. Thanx for your support 🙂