Last Monday, February 27 2012, Nalacity was invited by the Ministry of Health to present its Social Business Project in national seminar about former leprosy patients and to sign the charter persuading people to eliminate the discrimination against them, particularly in the workplace.

For those who haven’t known what the Nalacity Foundation is, just check out its website Briefly, this is a social business project to empower former leprosy patients. We give training of knitting the beaded scarf (heejab) to the mothers in Sitanala Village, Tangerang, and market the product as well. Hopefully, in a long term, they can earn money independently, have entrepreneurship skill, and be confident to socialize with the people around. In that event, we also opened a stand and sold the scarfs to the participants. These followings are the photos of our activity in the Ministry of Health.

Nalacity’s stand

Situation in Seminar