To tell you the truth, this year is, indeed, the year of my patience. After graduating from university, I realize that life is, after all, about making a decision. The time when I fought with my thesis is less meaningful than the real world I face after graduation ceremony.  The roars, the songs, the happiness, the laughter in Balairung then disappeared, turning into horrible voices, heard over and over. The saturating questions appeared “Where to go?” “What is the next plan?”, “where will you work?”, “with whom will you spend your life?”

I told to some people who asked the so-called “question” by asking them back: “Have you ever walked along the tunnel, trying to look for the light, but you found nothing but darkness along? Just like suddenly finding yourself lost, don’t know where to go”. Yeah, it’s a common problem for fresh graduates. I felt that, really felt that, since my preparation to plunge into the real world was not thorough. Emphatically, I should have said an apology to my seniors who have graduated earlier than me and told, “Graduating is not comfortable”. I expressly responded “Yes it’s true”. However, I learned a lot how to be more mature and feel this way : you don’t always get what you want. That’s what I call: a real life!

Firstly, I really wanted to work in media field, to be a journalist. I guessed, this is a cool job. Imagine, you can travel around the world, and meet incredible people in any fabulous places. However, along the way, after discussing with my parents, since I suffered from gastritis and had done the endoscopy (well, this is long story, it’s all about psychological illness, nothing to worry actually), then I rethink, I can’t survive with the deadline, or move from one place to another place with this condition: recovering from the illness. I started to think what my real goals when I chose to enter English literature. I looked at my dreams hung on my wall: Paradise, a lecturer, an entrepreneur, and a writer. With the mandatory from my daddy, who is actually a professor, I deeply thought, I should continue his step. I should focus on researches and improve my English skill by teaching. I should study (abroad) as high as possible. I should enlarge the body of knowledge by conducting research. I should make my parents happy! I should make a change! From now on….

Wanna know more how I struggled after I changed my plan? Wait for the next story!