In my previous post, I told you about how I changed my plan, to be an academician instead of a journalist. Before we go any further, I’d like to tell you the journey of how I began my first career (well, is it a real ‘career journey’? I don’t know! 😀 ). Though, it was something giving me a big improvement. So, here is my other story.

In August 2011, I faced, let say, a psychological problem. It was just, well….something happened, say, an uncomfortable situation or a test from God that changed my perception, strengthened my patience, and made me closer to Him. I learned how to be more responsible and respected other’s choice. I contemplated, trying not to blame on the others, but me myself who was truly error. LOL. After all, I promised, I should not have made the mistakes for the second time. In August, when I felt quite frustrated due to that problem, regretting for what I have done, ‘destiny’ led me to meet many incredible friends.

In that month, Bang Pipin, requested me to take part in a committee formed by Students Affairs Directorate. He was the assistant of Students Affairs Directorate as well as the initiator of UI outstanding students Leadership Program. He got me to be a Project Officer of a big event. Firstly, I was quite excited since it was a camp for the outstanding students throughout Indonesia. And you know, the committee must have used ‘UI’ as a “brand” of Event Organizer. Challenging, right? Because I had only worked for the students organizations or clubs, no more. At that time, I worked professionally, as a freelance staff of Students Affairs Directorate, so there I must have given a good image of UI (Remember the DHC case!). I thought the responsibility was bigger. Well, I had been the participant of that event a year ago, so I got the real description already. However, to be a project officer, can I? No! FYI, this event invited a number of well-known national figures from academicians, humanitarian workers, governments, to entertainers. Therefore, Bang Pipin, and other initiators asked me to be a coordinator of event division instead of a project officer. I said, “Go ahead!” I thought it would be a good activity while waiting for the real (interview) work.

Day by day passed, that new job, in fact, made me depressed. What I should do was indeed, literally beyond my imagination. To be a committee of the event invited famous figures was not as easy as I turned my palm. Ah ya, I should have told you what my job description first. My team and I discussed the event concept, determining place, time, speakers, and even decoration. The surprising thing was that the unfixed budget. The directorate said that UI faced a problem in budget distribution. The biggest factor was the infrastructure building management. Ouch! We, the committee then realized that we must have hunted the budget from other sources. Some sponsors didn’t welcome us well since DHC case had destroyed their ‘Trust’ at UI financial management.

After being hectic for couple of times, changing the concept by minimizing some feasible aspects over and over, we could organize the event successfully on October 3-6 2011 in Wisma Makara. Another problem was the attendance of the famous speakers. The time provided for them actually was not the right time. It was because so many changes we had made. Nevertheless, we did it quite well, and the participants from across the regions were satisfied with our work. Phheeww. Thanks to Ninis, who taught me, not only how to make a decision quickly like a blink of an eye, but also taught me how to communicate well, to be a problem solver without extending the staff’s errors, and to be calm when so many unpredictable changes happened by the time the real event ran. After all, this event has given me a great improvement in managerial aspect.

I was also thankful for being a participant of Indonesia Leadership Development Program (ILDP) two years ago, meeting lots of outstanding students who have great achievements both in academic and non-academic aspect, and meeting an inspiring leadership trainer named Arif Munandar 😉

Then, October ended, when the event was over, I started to get confused where to go. Getting busy with such event and got a psychological problem has made my stomach painful. I have suffered from gastritis since two years a go, it’s just getting worse if I got depressed (see my post titled ‘after my endoscopy’). My father thought I had better plunge into the education world instead of media, continuing my father’s step as a lecturer, because he was not sure I can survive in media, and he said, to be a lecturer can be a stepping stone for me to get scholarship to continue my education in the United States. Amen!

November then came, I was busy with Nalacity, my social-business project. Suddenly, when I took a rest in my rent room, Nurul Fikri, the course as I had worked when I was in the third grade, called me. The staff said that NF needed an English teacher and asked me whether I minded to teach again. Actually, I already submitted my resume on Job Street On Line, but I didn’t know why, so many considerations led me to refuse or not to attend the interview calls. So many factors, for example, the place where the office stayed was far from Depok, I didn’t want to move from my current home stay, so many community responsibilities I must have handled here. Other, the company characteristics didn’t match with my personality. I concluded, seeking for a job was not only about the credibility of the company, the salary, the environment, but also about our personal satisfaction.

I have tried to apply for a translator in Komunitas Bambu, but I thought the environment and the job description didn’t really match. I would rather be an outgoing person than a person who has to sit in front of a laptop for a long time. Then I tried to apply for an English teacher at LIA, but unluckily, I put the wrong cell phone number, I retried to submit my CV, the number was now right, but my friend, who already worked there said, the HRD was difficult to call me, and the test has already ended.

Finally, I accepted to teach in NF, while waiting for a better job. After that, I met Ika, my friend from other faculty, who really wanted to be a lecturer. She was conducting research with her lecturer. I tried to follow her step, so I texted my lecturer to join the linguistics research, and I asked how to be a lecturer in the University of Indonesia. English department didn’t accept bachelor degree to be a lecturer assistant. He said, I should take master program first, and teach at a private campus for my working experience. He also said that to be a lecturer in UI was less appreciated. The salary was not allocated well since the UI status has not been fixed (BHMN or PTK). One of my lecturers in UI hasn’t been appointed to be a civil servant (PNS) because of the unclear and inconsistent status of the university.

I also tried to wait for LBI, an English course at FIB UI, where my lecturer worked. I thought it could be my stepping stone to know lots of lecturers, so I could get network. Unfortunately, the course will not open teachers training unless the participants reach 10 persons. Too long to wait, I asked my lecturer whether there was a research I can join in. Luckily, he welcomed me and listed my name on his research proposal, but up to now, I don’t know when the budget will be allocated. I realized that managing future was so hard. I must be patient, very very patient.

After the unpredictable situation I had, suddenly an English teacher from NF texted me, he said his wife’s friend had been looking for a private teacher to teach TOEFL IBT. Her name was Esa. When I met her, I was surprised because she was a researcher at Faculty of Economics UI, and a lecturer in a private campus. Then I got many stories from her about academician and researcher world. Allah knew what I needed! I said I never had TOEFL IBT test, just the ITP one, and I told her that I have been preparing for the IELTS test to apply for study abroad. She welcomed me well, and just said, ‘Come on, just study together’. I was shocked at that time, but well, I thought by teaching her I can improve my English skill. The fee was tempting.  O yeah 😀

Since then, I have been studying hard to prepare for IELTS, and to teach it as well. When Mbak Esa got busy, suddenly my friend, who has been an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, asked me to teach IELTS as well. She was a smart girl anyway. She has got a scholarship in Netherland, but she had a difficulty in TOEFL IBT, the score she got hasn’t met the requirement. I said to her, “People said IELTS is easier than TOEFL IBT” so she decided to study with me, professionally. Another luck I got from her story, I knew the academician world better. “God sees the truth, but waits”, said Tolstoy!

After that, other friends, graduated from Faculty of Economics invited me to be their private teacher. O, well, the “wealth” then flew unstoppably. The more I taught, the more I knew IELTS better. And yesterday, a friend of mine texted me whether I can be a homeschooling teacher or not. Tomorrow I will meet the organizer and I don’t know the deal we will have then.

I realize that to be a lecturer, I should take Master Program as soon as possible. I tried to talk to many lecturers about the postgraduate program. Well, after istikharah, I have chosen to study in Indonesia first, taking linguistics without test after fulfilling the requirements. That’s also the reason why I didn’t take job as a full time editor in PT.Penerbit Erlangga.

Ok! That’s my career journey. Pheeew! Writing is tiring! Haha. However, I’m really happy because this journey really changes my perspective. Some points to note; First, God will never accidentally flip a coin; there’s always wisdom beyond years. It’s called causal law! Second, be positive thinking, because God will not give what you want, rather, He will give what you need. Third, be patient and be decisive, because happiness has its own time! Fourth, do your best, and let God do the rest! 😉

As usual, please kindly correct my grammar if you find any mistakes! Thank you 😉