It is interesting to compare two places where I (have) lived in: Pocin and Kober. I realize that the circumstances in both places are different. Let me tell you my experience first. I had spent for about 4 years living in Pocin (H.Mahali Street) since I came to Depok as a new student. With my friends from Serang, I looked for the cheap rent room for, well, the ‘students coming from outside Jabodetabek’. After seeking out the available rooms for two days, we then found the old rent room with reasonable price. (Honestly, the price was much less expensive than the others around).

Ah ya, forgot to tell you that we had lived in students dorm for 1 month. At that time, special for OKK event, the rooms for boys were rented temporarily for the new girl students. After one month passed, because Serang was only 2-3 hours from Depok, we must have given way to the students coming further. The quota was out of our expectation. So we moved away, one of my friends regrettably said, “we were expelled with dignity”. LOL.

So, the room in Mahali sized 3x3m, with the bathroom outside, three bathrooms for 12 people. Imagine that! Our rent room was not rooms within a room. When you opened the door, you directly could inhale the fresh air :). Day by day passed, those who couldn’t bear the environment moved away. The factors could be the food stores, the old architecture, the facilities, and others. Some of them stayed longer, including me. The reason, well, nothing but the cheap price! I didn’t know why, the characteristics of the people staying longer were the same: activists, saving, and, ummh, having a myriad of activities. So, the higher the grade, the busier the people.

Then the uncomfortable moment came down. My boarding was renovated. Dust, men going back and forth, sound pollution, referring to disruptive sound of construction workers, either their dangdut music taste, or the machine, as well as the working process, really disturbed my daily life . The silliest was that one of the workers tended to flirt the boarders, uuuh. And the bathrooms were shared with them as well. I couldn’t bear, and I moved away to Kober.

When I chose to live in a new rent room, I was so surprised. So many things changed my perceptions. I noticed many things, many things.

-to be continued-