Tonight I share my bedroom with a friend of mine who got married last week. She takes postgraduate in Depok and rents a room, but  his husband, well, he works 7 hours from the town. Yesterday she lost her room key, so now she stays in my bedroom until she makes the duplicate one.

She told me that it’s difficult to deal with Long Distance Marriage. One week spent together was very short for (flowery) newlywed. However, life must go on, this LDR couple finally can just communicate from a distance. O Dear, hope you get through it 🙂

It reminds me of a video clip from Budi titled ‘Do re mi’. Do you know the song? It’s a nice song! I usually listen to this song when I do exercise, jogging around Rotunda UI. I simply think, although the song tells the sadness thing, say, ‘a woman (temporarily) left by her couple’, the melody creates a happy nuance.
It is like a man who told to his couple, “Don’t be too much. I will be back. I just go away for a short time. Just pray for me. You will get used to this unwanted condition”. So here is the song, dedicated to my friend…