Well, let’s continue my story about my rent rooms. In my last post, I told that I realized many things in a new place. My new rent room, named ‘Pondok Sally’, located in Kober, is actually more expensive, but more comfortable than the first one. Money talks, lol. But it’s not really expensive if I compared to the things I have gained here. Let’s say, “take all costs, by all means.” Hehe. So, there are many reasons why I am happier living in this second place.

First, the building is cozier. Although it was built in 1990-s, the infrastructures are better than other rent rooms visited in Kober (It cost 450.000-500.000 IDR per month). To tell you the truth, this rent room is located not far from a grave, only separated by two other buildings. However, we can’t see the grave, so never worry about this. Most of the rooms have a bathroom inside. However, the bathroom is not a personal bathroom; you must share with your neighbor next to your room. That’s why this bathroom has two doors, on the right and the left side. The room also has a fan hanging on the wall, quite good. Interestingly, this building is completed with a muslim prayer room (mushala) and a television room. The shape of the landscape is square, and the center of the ceiling is opened, so the air enables to flow.

Second, this tends to the psychological things. Let me tell you how the atmosphere in my new rent room. I knew my friends here already. They are nice and often work cooperatively. We have time to watch television and movies together, shopping, and doing “crazy” things. Well, they are very update about entertainment. Besides, one of the happy things here, most of my friends can cook, so I can learn from them how to cook! O well, I can cook now! Yeay! To save money, we sometimes share what we have; sharing rice cooker to save money and electricity, setting wifi to connect to the internet  (so we don’t need to cost much using modem or going to the internet café). They like doing exercises (sport) as well. I often join a friend of mine who likes jogging every morning. Others like swimming, and I’ll try to join them later on.

It never happened in my first rent room. I realized that many things left when I was a student. I just focused on what I must have academically achieved or was active in certain organization, but unfortunately, I harmed my body and soul (ok, this is exaggerated). Compared with the previous rent room, most of my friends were those who came from lower and middle class, and most of them were undergraduates. But in Kober, the residents are more plural; consisting of undergraduate, postgraduate, even PhD students and employees. That’s why the culture is different.

But well, living in my first rent room doesn’t mean that I don’t gain anything. I don’t know why, God always lead me to meet people who come from lower class. Four years spent in my cheap rent room made me learn how to be grateful, I couldn’t close my eyes that lots of my friends face that condition. But they were hard workers person and satisfied with what they had already now. Moving on to the new rent room was a hard decision (I told you already why I moved, not because of the persons, but the building was being renovated), but I thought that was the right time to embrace new experiences and getting new friends with different perceptions. Because life is colorful, so choose your color (*)