April 25 2012, that was my happiest b-day, ever. The time when many wishes came and everyone greeted, “Happy B-day Alfi!”. I thought, my unforgettable b-day was when I studied in Bangkok because I celebrated it with students from Southeast Asian countries, but O, it was not that touched compared to the  moment yesterday, here in Indonesia. Hehe. The first time in my b-day, I cried, I cried because of the surprises from my closest friends.

When I was working at my office, around 9.30 am, someone called me far away from Russia, and sent me “b-day greeting” written on the snow. Three pics were sent via email. The pics seemed so beautiful because it was written at night with the dim light around. I didn’t expect it that much, haha. Thanx, Bro, for the surprise. The guy was my friend who joined a training for mining company service in Russia. The surprise made me cried and made my office friends confused. But well, yes, that’s what friend is for! 😀 I remembered that he gave a surprise for Fik as well, one of our close friends last year. This was not the only one that made me very happy.

B-day greeting from Adhul

The second was  when I opened my Facebook and twitter, O Man, so many wishes I got. Yes it was like the previous years. However, I didn’t know why it was just different. I felt different because the wishes were not the same, most of my friends wished that I would have “a life partner” soon, bahaha! But the best of the best prayers was that my (postgraduate) study ahead would be successful! amen.

The third was when Fik and Ika came to my rent room, giving me two bars of Cadbury chocolates and asking me to have dinner together. We talked about many things, future in particular. Ah ya, actually, I have a gang named ‘Genk labil’  (The name is so weird) haha, consisting of Fik, Ika, Adhul, Jay, Wahyu, Fiza, and Ijo, we have a culture, see, if one of our friends celebrates his or her b-day, we will catch our friend wherever they are, and give them ‘b-day cake’ as a surprise, hehe. Since most of us have worked and got busier so we can’t do the crazy thing again. But still, some of my closest friends had given me a little surprise, but it worked, hey, it worked, hehe.

Cadbury from Ika and Fik

I am still waiting for a surprise from Risma, my ‘hang out’ friend. She said she bought me a gift from Jogjakarta, but we haven’t had time to meet, hehe. If you give me the gift, I will post the pic 😀 I swear!

Fourth was my family…their wishes can’t be replaced with anything in this world. Love you mom, dad, brother and sister :)!

Thanx God, for this beautiful moment and the “life color” in my 23 :). You teach me how to be more patient and stronger. You always know what’s the best for me. If You bring me TO it, You will bring me THROUGH it. Alhamdulillah.