Here is my family’s pic. Let me tell you about my family!

                                                                         My beloved family

                                        (from left to right, sister, father, brother, mother, me)


I call my father ‘Abah’. His character is relatively calm, hard-hearted, persistent, overly concerned, open minded, quite liberal, and  has a strong willingness in reaching his goal. He likes jokes, but well, his jokes are corny (not funny, haha, ‘why am I laughing?’). He can interact with people well, but actually, he doesn’t like crowd or hustle or noisiness.

My father is a lecturer. He teaches Qur’anic Studies at IAIN SMHB Banten. Reading books is his hobby, that’s why he likes collecting books, journals, and number of articles. He also likes writing and always pushes me to write, write, and write. I think one of the best steps that I can follow from him is  studying as high as possible. He can finish his PhD and other levels of education with full scholarship.  He’s my father, I love him.


I call my mother ‘Ummi’. Unlike my father, my mother is cheerful, talkative, likes jokes, and often excited when she ‘s doing something she likes. Her character can cover my father’s weakness, haha. Despite her cheerfulness, she is very very very sensitive and soft to other people. Weird, haha. When you visit my home, I can guarantee that you will like my mother because she’s friendly and always serve the best 🙂 She’s also always kind to poor people, and very helpful to her big family. O Man, sometimes I’m confused because of her patience. Can I follow her good things? Man…I’m trying.

My mother is a teacher in Islamic High School. She teaches Aqidah Akhlaq and also conducts guidance and counseling. Inspite of her talkativeness, she is actually a good listener. Many students of hers said that she was very good listener and seldom to get angry. Many people love her, because she tends to avoid conflict  😐 she can ask for apologize over and over because she doesn’t want to have an enemy. She’s my mother, I love her.


My younger brother named Wildan al-Farobi, but I call him ‘Ndan’. His friends call him ‘Wildan’. Like other young boy, he likes music a lot, playing guitar, and busy with his (sophisticated) technology. He studies at State Islamic University (UIN), Jakarta, taking Information System study program. He doesn’t speak much, easy going, and good at saving money (well, he loves saving money T-T), and like climbing mountains. Unlike his sisters, he is an obedient boy. Hehehe. My parents like him, because he always obeys their commands. However, he is often in a bad mood, and could shut his mouth up when he is too up set. Oops.


Her name is Hindun Wilda Risni, but I call her Nini, while her friends call her Risni. She is a copy of my father, persistent person, has high need of achievement, stubborn, and doesn’t like crowd. She likes joining organization and a good manager. Like my father, she’s well organized, but tend to be individualist. Haha. Maybe because she is a straightforward person, and focus on what she would achieve. She has lived in United States for one year, joining YES/AFS program. Since then, she likes music a lot and like playing guitar, the same as my brother.

How about me? Just guess, I think I’m “between” my father and my mother, hehe