Last year, I watched a dorama titled ‘Change’ played by Takuya Kimura. The film told about the political condition in Japan. Surprisingly,  a developed country like Japan still have many problems in politics and other sectors. Briefly, this film presented a young actor named Asakura Keita, a son of a politician who chose to be a primary school teacher. His father, a politician running for election, died in a plane crash in Vietnam. The party then searched for a successor.

Asakura absolutely doesn’t have any interest in the political arena, but because of certain circumstances, he ran for candidacy. He never realized that everyone saw him as a puppet prince. However, surprisingly, he can tackle the problems well although he had intimidation from his surrounding. Each episode shows how he can resolve his personal problems and the problems in Japan. The film was funny, heartbreaking, and very awesome! And well, don’t miss the love story in this film, very witty! 😀

Anyway, so what is the correlation between Asakura and Jokowi? I know that Joko Widodo, a mayor of Surakarta, is now running for Jakarta governor election. Actually I don’t have any interest to be his success team, haha. However,  I agree that we need a leader who can bring changes for our country. I think, objectively, one of the leaders who can concretely work for the people is Jokowi.  I don’t know the track record of other candidates. So, this is only one example of how the leaders should act. After all, action says more than thousand of words. I attach the video of Joko Widodo in IYCS (Indonesian Young Changemakers Summit)