Currently, I undergo a(n) (English) teacher training at LBI UI Salemba. I will do this weekly training every Friday from 5 p.m to 9 p.m for two months. Last Friday was my first meeting. It has been too long I didn’t have a class since I graduated from university. I am busy with my office translation sheets instead. That’s why, I felt nervous and exciting at the same time. Nervous because I’m not a student anymore, exciting because I’m back to being a student :). I believe this training will give me valuable things one day.

At the first meeting, surprisingly, some of the trainees were my juniors in my university, so it was easy for me to engage with them. At least, I have friends to go back to Depok and have very late dinner together, hehe. Others were from different backgrounds, such as postgraduate student, project assistant, trainer, primary teacher, and so on. Only eight persons joining this training, but a small training means an extended family, right? :).

The trainer was my lecturers when I was a student at UI. To break the ice, firstly she gave us a game so we could know each other further.  She also gave us some sheets regarding the training process, such as syllabus and the rules of the tasks submission. The training made me reflective because it reminded me of the time when I studied English in my university. Well, actually I miss to be a university student who receive many tasks and interact with many scholars.

After playing the game, she asked us what makes a good teacher and a good learner, and also questioned whether teacher born or made. She divided us into a group of three to discuss the materials. Generally, she delivered the teaching methods as well, telling us the difference between the conventional and the modern language teaching method. From that discussion, I could open my mind and got better understanding about ‘language teaching’.

However, because the training was held at night, hunger and sleepiness sometimes haunted, but It didn’t really matter. I can deal with it. After all, I hope I can join this training with happiness and great enthusiasm so I know how to be a good teacher and a lecturer some day. I’m now waiting for my postgraduate studies at UI in September, so I think it could be my “warming up” before facing greater challenges. So pray for me, Guys!

PS: Well, I was given a task to write a weekly journal about this training. So I think I will routinely post it on my blog.