The second meeting of the Teacher Training held on May 31 at LBI UI provided a topic on ‘Teaching Listening and Speaking’. Some people must agree that learning listening and speaking skills are hard, right? When we have TOEFL or other English proficiency tests, for example, listening and speaking become scary thing. Well, that’s learning, how about ‘Teaching’? It must be more challenging than learning, I guess, because teacher should know better than the students, right?

Actually, the materials were new for me. I’ve already known how to learn listening and speaking, but not to teach it. I got lots of new things opening my mind. Ms Santi, the trainer delivered the materials, firstly asked the trainees why we have to teach listening. She divided us into a group of three or four, and let the trainees think about the reasons. Every student had different perceptions, but generally, all agreed that listening is a skill, so it should be taught. Teaching listening must be also conducted to introduce that the accents of people using English are varied.

After that, Ms Santi got the trainees to compare listening to English inside the classroom, and listening to our first language in real life. Both are of course different, in term of the purpose, the context, the devices needs, and etc.  Other materials delivered were about how we reduce worries and negative feelings about listening, listening task types, and their aims, different techniques and their effectiveness, and principles of teaching listening.

Besides ‘teaching listening’, Ms. Santi also explained about how to teach speaking, she gave us a sheet about the speaking activities or the methods, and let us discuss how effective the methods were. In fact, the second meeting triggered us to think and to work in team. I enjoyed this second meeting in the beginning, but unlike the previous meeting, since the materials were too many, after a long time, the students felt rather bored, but still, it was nice because the training was sometimes full of laughter.

They were also new trainees joining this training. Last week I told the participants were only seven, but now, it’s already 11. One of the surprising things was that on the sideline of the training, there was a Spanish guy coming and participating in this training.  He was very handsome, lol. I think the girl trainees will more eager to learn. O no, I’m kidding. But well, I think I can learn from him and other trainees who already had longer experience in teaching.

What made me impressive in the second meeting was how the trainer spoke in English. Ms.Santi spoke English very clearly compared to the other lecturers. O yes, that’s why she taught Speaking and Listening Teaching Skill. She did what she taught anyway. Finally, I hope someday I can apply this Teaching Listening and Speaking theory. As a beginner, I must practice those skills a lot (*)