Nalacity is a social business community which specifically empowers former leprosy mothers in Kampung Kusta Sitanala, Tangerang. Inspired by a Nobel Prize receiver, Muhammad Yunus through his Gramen Bank Pogram, our community is established to eliminate discrimination against diffable people in the workplace.

This community was firstly initiated by the outstanding students of University of Indonesia (MAPRES UI). We made a social entrepreneurship initiative (SEI) proposal as a requirement to join Indonesia Leadership (Development) Program (ILDP, check out and At first, the members of ILDP were outstanding students at UI from 12 faculties. As time went by,  ILDP has developed well with different approach and purpose.

Briefly, Nalacity empowers 20 former leprosy mothers, in Kampung Kusta Sitanala, Tangerang.Unlike other social projects, this project is supposed to be a sustainable program. Specifically, Nalacity gave a training of making beaded scarfs (heejab) to the mothers in Sitanala, and after that help them market the products as well. After the community is settled, the mothers are supposed to run the business independently. In fact, we focus on how to make them independent and give inspiration to their environment.


Nalacity has been covered in several medias, such as Metro TV (through Kick Andy program, when it became one of the finalists of Fatigon Aksi Semangat Competition); Tempo TV; TV One; MNC TV; Republika, The Jakarta Globe, Media Indonesia, SCTV; and several local TVs, magazines, radios, and newspapers.


Nalacity has its own management consisting of three CEOs and core team or volunteers from different backgrounds. Nalacity also join UI Young and Smart Entrepreneur (UIYSEP), check out

How we work?

Nalacity markets the products on line, and sells the products on consignment. However, when we’re already settled,we’re supposed to build a shop with the mothers as the managers. We make profit for the development and the sustainability of this community. We don’t gain any profit for ourselves but purely share the profit for the workers (the former leprosy patients)

So far, Nalacity has attended invitations from several event organizers to join entrepreneurship exhibitions,  open a stand, present its social business project, or participate in heejab tutorial and beauty demo, as well as business or appreciative inquiry training. The Health Ministry had been also invited Nalacity to present its social business project and to sign a charter to take an action against discrimination. At campus, Nalacity is sometimes invited in a seminar or a talk show to give inspiration to other students who eager to do the same activity.

We still endevour to make this community settled, more professional, and become a role model for other youths who want to contribute to the society. We hope, one day, we are able to expand our business in other regions.

Our Products

We sell various heejabs, such as shawl, pashmina, paris, etc. We follow the fashion update and conduct market research.

Contact us:

mobile phone: 081294414149 (temporarily inactive)

order: 085776179706 (active)

email: (for invitation)

FB Fanpage: Nalacity Foundation