At the third meeting of the teachers training, I learned about teaching reading and writing. Ms.Marti, the trainer, taught about the differences between intensive and extensive reading, the methods in teaching reading, the differences between writing for learning, and writing for writing. These materials were new for me. I gained lots of new knowledge and I hope I can apply this knowledge later in a peer teaching session.

One of the materials that I remember a lot is pre-reading, while-reading, and post-reading. As a teacher, there are some actions or activities that we should consider when teaching reading. Pre-reading is an activity to start teaching reading. For example, before asking the students to read a text, teachers should give introduction or contextualize the materials, such as what the topic is about. While or during reading means that the teachers should give their students a space or time to read, not to distract them by telling a personal story, for example, or talking about different stuffs. Post-reading means the activity that the teachers should do after the students read the text. Teachers can ask the students to give opinion, make a group discussion,  tell the conclusion, etc. This is also applied for writing depending on the context.

What I learned was that we can combine the English competences at the same time. For example, when the teachers give an advertisement text to the students, we can use listening first to know how people deliver the message of the ads, the structure of the message, and what makes it interesting. After that, we move on to the sheets that we give, and ask the students’ opinion about the text. See, speaking and listening are used here as well. We can also use writing competence to answer the relevant questions as needed.

Well, I like the way Ms.Marty taught because compared to other trainers, her slide was simple and to the point, so I can catch the point easily. However, she delivered the materials with a soft voice and less attractive, so I saw some of my friends felt sleepy in the training. It turned out to be different when Ms.Marty gave us a text with a topic on “the best age in marriage”. There are some personal opinions which might raise a debate. Everyone was like waking up because they thought it was an interesting topic. LOL. Ms.Marty divided us into a group of three and asked us to find the best method in teaching the reading-text.

Despite it all, I was happy because the class atmosphere was quite fun. My friends were also active although some others felt sleepy, but after all, the training will be worth our effort (*)

I think I will improve this journal soon after I find my handout materials left in my dorm.