I think, I will post it in series. I have a gang in ILDP, and this is dedicated to one of our friends who celebrated his b-day on June 26th 😀 next, I think I’ll give the similar testimony to the others. No offense! haha 

I know, it’s late, and very very very sorry for my forgetfulness! I was panic because I promised to give something for him, but what…is that? errrr in a very short time. Hahaha.

O, somebody was celebrating his b-day yesterday. It reminds me of April 25th 2012 when he called me from Russia, with three photos of b-day greetings written in the snow attached and sent via email. Since then, I promised to myself, ok I’ll give him a surprise later in his b-day.

He is one of my good boy-friends after all. Well, let me tell you about him further because I don’t know how to return the surprise, I tell you what I think about this man.

His name is, Arriyadhul Qolbi Nasution! Yes he is 😀 My first impression about him, um, was actually like other students when I firstly met in ILDP. Smart, outspoken, very friendly, and yes, he’s funny! I’ve known him for two years, and I noticed many things about him. Many things, but I will just mention four moments, hope these are representative enough. Just guess what he is like 😀

First, when we went to Sitanala for social business project, I noticed that he liked kids, and you know it was surprising. He could be very mingled with the kids and I noticed that O, he was a family man, haha. Second, when we went to Grand Indonesia, before he went to Russia, my friends and I accompanied him to buy a winter cloth spent for more than 100$. I was surprised when he said, “You know, I feel uneasy because there are still lots of people starving” and then I was like, Ok, even though he has worked in Sclumberger, the multinational company for mining oil service, he was idealistic, humble, and generous.

Third, nothing, but his friendliness. He is an outgoing person, like hanging out with other close friends, even initiatively visiting his friend’s house, funny, and yes, overall he’s nice to me! Haha. Four, this is a little thing, but I don’t know I remember this a lot, when ILDP team wanted to hang a banner in OKK UI, something wrong with it, somebody unneatly hung it on, everyone was ok with that, but that was the first time I saw his stubbornness. He complained and asked his friend to make it perfect, haha. I don’t know whether he remembers this or not. But well, he’s kinda perfectionist man; I noticed it as well when he became my staff in ILC UI, haha. I mentioned his goodness already, but actually the badness is greater than these, haha, kidding, but I won’t open his card, haha.

I don’t know what to say in a very short time, Adhul, haha, I know in your b-day today, you have made a big decision in your life; resigning from your company. You know, to resign, for a man, as you said to me, was relieving and burdening at the same time. But after all, I believe after this you can be a star, not just like an eagle trapped in a gilded cage, am I right? Sometimes you need to stay out, and breathe fresh air to remind you of you’re gonna be.

So, well, in your 24th, o boy, you’re so old, Haha, I wish your days will be filled with the wonder of God’s love, I pray for your happiness, a greater sense of fulfillment in your work later. After all, May God keep you in touch with all that YOU ARE and all that you are meant to BECOME. Okay? 😀