The topic of the sixth meeting of the teachers training was ‘How to make a lesson plan’.  This meeting was more practical rather than theoretical, since this class was our preparation class before we practice micro teaching next week.

There were only a few materials delivered.  The trainer, Ms. Marty, firstly elicited the trainees, for example, how far they know about ‘lesson plan’, why teacher should make a lesson plan, what the importance of a lesson plan, what teachers need to make a lesson plan.

We worked in pairs to discuss what for the lesson plan was and what may happen to the learners and teachers if there was no lesson plan. After that, Ms. Marty gave us a sheet consisting of some opinions of teachers about making a lesson plan. Actually, there were different types of how the teachers make the lesson plan. Then, we were asked which type of making a lesson plan that reflected us most.

After that, she divided us into a group of three or four to put the jumbled lesson plan in order, and also analyze and revise another lesson plan. I noticed there were  some considerations in making a lesson plan. We have to pay attention to the learners’ level and age as well as the aims of class. I realized that these were very important because the points will make our class focus. We should also consider the link, the sequence, the time,  etc.

This training is very important, opens my mind, and gives me a new perspective. Actually, I had no experiences in teaching special courses, like teaching at an English center. Yes I had been a teacher at a course that focus on how the students can enter university, but not to learn general English from basic to advanced level, so this training challenges me to teach better with a well-planned strategy, later at an English center, hopefully.