Time flew fast. Last Friday was the seventh meeting of the teachers training at LBI UI Salemba. It means just one meeting left, and off course I’m gonna miss this atmosphere of class, the trainers, and the routines like going back home at 10 pm, waiting for a train with Vita, Wina, and Peny, and yes, sharing with other friends who have given me lots of inspirations in teaching.

Last Friday was actually a tense session. After learning the theories in teaching, we were obliged to demonstrate our teaching language skill. Well, actually I was nervous because I became the first presenter. I have prepared for the best, but I worried if something wrong could possibly happen. My stress was then reduced when Ms.Vidi came up with the materials of ‘classroom language’ in the beginning of the meeting.

For about two hours, Ms.Vidi had delivered about how teachers speak properly in class, organize language, and give instruction. She also taught that there are certain conditions of when the teachers can use their native language (Bahasa Indonesia). She divided us into a group of four to discuss the activities that allow teachers to mix language 1 (Bahasa) and 2 (English), English or even Bahasa only.

After the first session ended, at around 7 pm we demonstrated our micro teaching based on the lesson plan we’ve made. I went forward but unfortunately, I didn’t really smoothly in practicing my teaching even though I’ve already prepared everything. However, I realized that I was learning, and everyone also made many mistakes in using teaching strategy or method, such as technical problem, lack of teaching aids, or incapability of meeting the learners’ needs. Ms.Nadya gave us feedback of how it should have been.

However, from the mistakes we’ve made, we got lots of knowledge and suggestions.  I hope I can teach better and better later.