Friday, July 13 2012 was the last meeting of the teachers training in which I participated. We continued our micro teaching as it was demonstrated last week. Some trainees worked in group to demonstrate their teaching strategy. Well, some stages were good, but others needed improvement. We learned a lot from each other. We’ll never be better if we don’t learn from mistakes, right?

So, like the previous meeting, on that day my friends and I pretended to be teachers and students. We had two groups to demonstrate our teaching. The first group was Chelsea, Tinus, and Peny. Chelsea became the lucky number one to teach. Apart from the things that she should improve, I learned from her to teach with confidence. Yes she made it! She taught smoothly and her experience proved it. After that, Tinus demonstrated his teaching. He was less attractive, but I learned from him how to be patient. Other was Peny, who created a strategy to let the students to discover grammar from the materials that she gave. Well, actually they all tried to let students have their talking time, but it was not that easy. Teachers still have more talking time than the students themselves. However, they already did their best.

The second round was Sri, Tety and Alton. I like the way Sri taught because it was very interactive. She involved the students to learn adjective and vocabulary together. Tety then became the second presenter. At first she said that she couldn’t teach because she had no preparation. She told that she wasn’t confident and very nervous, but surprisingly, she could teach well and I thought she had a charismatic character. It was may be because she was a good mom, so she could be a good teacher, lol. The last was supposed to be Alton. However, unfortunately, Alton didn’t bring his material. Last week he didn’t come to class, so there was miscommunication I guessed. Though he didn’t demonstrate his teaching, but at the end, he tried to conclude about what we had learned for this past two months.

After the trainees did their micro teaching, Ms.Santy gave them feedback. What I noticed from her feedback was, as a teacher we should make sure that the students understand the materials, so never let the students get confused if they still don’t understand the materials. Second, students’ talking time should be higher than teachers’. Third, let students discover grammar from the creative game or task, so teachers would not just tell the formula and make the students confused. Fourth, we can teach with integrated learning approach, meaning that listening, speaking, reading, and writing can be combined as they are needed.

This last meeting actually made us feel blue because yeah, we spent “Friday evening” together, but it should be ended though. So, after the class finished, we filled the evaluation sheet of the training, took a picture together, said good bye, and asked contact to each other. I never forget this training because that was the first teachers training I participated in. It really gave me a new perspective, friends, and motivation to be a better English teacher.