To those who were in tough times, fret not, Allah’s help is near. Its near.

It might be that u feel this time, as if, the help is nowhere near you, but be patient, and keep the faith. You might need to wait for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, but be patient and have faith that soon, He’ll come to aid you. Keeping the faith, is important.

To have faith that He is watching. He sees ur tears.

To have faith that He is listening. He listens to ur thoughts.

To have faith that He knows what we were going through. Ehsan, remember?

To have faith that this is a test. This too will soon pass. Remember the tough times we experienced last year? Its gone, isn’t it?

To have faith that we, inshaAllah, will be rewarded for our patience.

And to have faith that verily, with hardship is ease. With hardship is ease.

When one’s in trials, he/she would only rely on Allah. And that is beautiful. The trials are means to get closer to Him. He wanted to train us, to train our patience.

Don’t ever give up. Improve on salah. Improve on du’a. Keep asking from Him, everyday. Don’t ever give up. The moment u gave up, that’s when the sweetness of eeman accompanying the trials are taken away from u.

Whisper to Him in silence. And u will realize, once He granted u the help u needed, ur soul will be filled with this most beautiful feeling ever.