For a young woman, maybe it’s kinda pressure when your mother asks you Guys, “When will you be able to cook?”. STOP there. For those who have a maid or rely on her mother,  I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t burden you much. But, how about this, “When are you going to get married?”. Hold your breath because some girls may soon tweet something and spill out their emotion 😀

Well, is cooking ability important for women? This question was really disturbing for me in the first place. Are you tired with your mother’s sarcastic bitter remarks, like “how can you make your husband happy if you’re not able to cook?” Luckily, my mother never did it to me. Hehe. While some of my friends worry about her mother, on television, we see that so many men cook better than women, let’s say Chef Juna. Yes, cooking is not only women’s work as everyone could be able to do it; however, the reality might say the other way around…

“Gratefully, my wife can cook because many women can’t cook” my husband said one day. I kept my poker face, because I incidentally had this ability right after I graduated from university. Honestly, I seldom help my mother cook, and we have a maid, so I was not really familiar with the kitchen stuffs (what a nice girl!). Haha. But, while I was waiting for a job, I tried to kill my time by learning to cook. Luckily, I lived in the boarding which had a big kitchen, so the girls there sometimes cooked her meal on their own.

At first, it’s hard for me to make the cooking steps in the right order. Sometimes my friends laughed at me because I made many many mistakes. Sometimes I gave up because my cooking failed. Sometimes I was so embarassed when I found my self too confident with the recipe while it didn’t work well. Sometimes I was too panic with the broken kitchen tools, and so on and so forth. But I never gave up at that time. I tried, and tried, and tried for a hundred times. It’s very challenging, and if your food is well-done and your friends say “Nice”, you’ll be very very proud, haha. Since then, I was addicted with cooking new recipes. Suddenly I think that I might run a catering business someday, hehe

So many benefits that you will have if you are able to cook. I can’t deny that cooking is one of the important parts to maintain your relationship with your husband and family. In our culture, still, a woman has an important role to work on the kitchen stuffs. So, like or dislike, you Guys have to do it right. Not only in the third countries, but also in the U.S, as my husband and my sister told (they had lived there for one year), still women has bigger portion to do the household, especially cooking, though some men sometimes help. So, I think that this ability is very important for women. Like or dislike, reality will push you to have this ability. Like or dislike, your husband will be happier if he eats the food you cook rather than taking it away from a restaurant. I don’t want to make a generalization, but based on my observation, at least, my husband can feel it. No matter how nice or awful your food is, you have tried to serve it with your own hand, hehe.

However, apart from that, I can’t deny that some of you maybe think that the ability is not that worth. I remember when I watched ‘Panda’, a celebrity, on Hitam Putih, she was very proud to say that she can’t cook for her family. “If I can buy, why should I cook?” Well, actually it’s up to you. If you Guys are rich and has a maid to do such thing, so cooking is no longer important for you. However, if you can cook, I believe that you can be more independent, make your family happy, maybe you can run a business, and off course save your money. Hehe. So how to start, here are some tips:

  1. For the beginners, it’s very important for you to cook together with friends or somebody you trust. It’s also important for You Guys who are vey busy. You can do it at the weekend together with friends. They can guide you to deal with the unexpected things. Kitchen is like a jungle, so you have to be careful with its wildness. Observe how they cook and don’t be shy too ask some silly things. They might laugh at you, but it’s important to enlarge your knowledge about cooking.
  2. Knowing the spices, food stuffs, and kitchen tools are very important. Try to go shopping in a traditional market, a small store, or a street groceries, because they’re much cheaper than supermarket. Sometimes in the beginning you will get confused, and the seller will smile at you, but the more you do it with your own, the more you can learn from those ridiculous things.
  3. Make a ‘me time’ to cook alone after you cook together. It can refine your cooking ability. Don’t hesitate to ask your parents or search on GOOGLE for mountains of recipes because I did it, and it’s worth my effort. Ask people to taste your food and say, “what should I improve?”, or “What should I add?”
  4. Do it over and over because repeatation makes your ability better, and your food is gonna be much better. Just try and try and try. Don’t give up if your food is out of your expectation. It’s a part of learning process
  5. Start with ‘basmallah’ and end it with ‘hamdallah’, hehe, so you can getbarokah from the food you make.

So, are you ready to get this incredible experience? Just start now and happy cooking! 😀