Teaching has already become my passion. I have been teaching English for the university students for almost two years, and I got a lot of lessons from them. My students are sometimes easy, but to some extents, they are almost impossible to handle. However, I will never stop to find the best method to make them happy, critical, independent, motivated, and understand the materials.

I learn how to manage the class well with the mixed ability students. When I firstly taught them, I got lots of criticisms trough my EDOM (online lecturer evaluation), but after three semester flew, luckily, there are many appreciations, and only a few criticisms. I realize that I really need more experiences, especially to apply Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL). The students from The Faculty of Humanities, might be different from the Computer Science, and the Computer Science Students won’t be similar to the Faculty of Public Health. That’s why, I should apply different method depending on the context, and the proficiency level of the students.

Being a teacher or a lecturer is very hard. Sometimes you have to be like an actress on a stage, a psychologist in a clinic, a friend in a class, or even a parent in a house. You have to listen to their problems, but you also have to be firm or decisive when they don’t respect you. Some students might like you, but maybe some other don’t. Yeah it’s life. Hehe.

This is the fourth term, and I’m now trying not to follow the syllabus 100%, I’m trying to modify the syllabus, finding some better methods and materials on internet (Thanks to the internet because it’s very helpful), and yes, I should be well prepared, so there won’t be any question that I can’t answer, or the games rule that is inconsistently applied. Fortunately, my husband really helps me share his ideas about English teaching method, since he has also a good proficiency in English.

I hope I can maximize my potency to be not only a dedicated teacher, but also an open minded teacher who is not resistant to change. The world is always changing, and I should adjust to this “ever whirling wheel” circumstances, so that my students won’t be bored