My husband’s note :’)

17 August 2014

I am writing this 1500 km from where you are now. From Papua, the black diamond on the far east of Indonesia. But I know, my heart is left there with you, Sayang. The love is growing bigger and bigger every single day. Do you remember? What is special today? Google says, “our doodle is special today, showing the view of Indonesian Independence ceremony, with a background of Indonesian traditional houses and the diverse of its people, from Aceh to Papua.” Our founding fathers, if they are still alive, would say, “Thanks God Indonesia is still in unity while many people didn’t believe that Indonesia can hold its unity just like many believers finally proof their thought when The Soviet Union was broken apart on 1991, or when the Korea was broken into North and South on 1948..” Workers in Tangguh LNG site (where I work now) also say that today is special, because we had to conduct the independence day ceremony in a blistering rain on the middle of the ceremony. For me, what special today is you. Yes, you, Sayang.. You are the special one, not only today, but on every single day, every single second I take my breath in, you are and will always be special.

Today, another special thing is we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary. One year ago, we know each other as friend, I know you as a beautiful smart girl who likes to read and write, enjoying to be involved in student activities, and having so many friends around. Now it will take hundreds and hundreds of pages to describe all the good things about you, Sayang.. You are the best wife who cook many delicious foods and always take care of the house really really neatly. 🙂 You are the best wife who always hold me when I fall and always make my day; even though we are far apart, your single word, “semangat”! can boost my spirit high.. Your story about your study, thesis, teaching is always interesting to be heard and coloring my day here. You are the one who always remind me if I have done my tilawah or not, and wake me up when the prayer time comes, although sometimes it’s  very hard for me to wake from my sleep until you put some water in my eyes. Hehe. And soon, you are going to be the mother of my children.. A mother of da’is and da’iahs, statesmen, and sholeh/sholehah children.

As what you have written in your blog, I know and realize that marriage is not all about happiness. It also consists of challenges, argues, and sometime tears. But I will give all my best to keep our wedding promise: Surga, Cita, Cinta. Together, building this family to achieve His Jannah (Surga), Supporting each other to achieve family and individual goals (Cita), with love (Cinta) which we always keep. Our marriage age now is still very young, Sayang.. Just like what you have written in your blog, the marriage needs acceptance, hard work, and effort so that it will be everlasted ever and forever. Our parents have taught us how to build an everlasting love, a great family, though. I hope on the next 5, 10, 20, and 50 years, you will still be here, with me and our children until the death comes. And in His Jannah, I will meet my Creator holding you and our children in my arm..

Happy 1st Anniversary Sayang..

Alhamdulillah. Segala Puji Bagi Allah yang telah menyatukan kami sampai detik ini.

Papua, 17 Agustus 2014

Bang Ayi

PS: Just like my marriage proposal, I am writing this in English so I can express it all. :p