I remember the moment three years a go. When I sat in front of my office PC, working on a pile of translation sheets. Someone called me from far a way. He told me to check my email. A very shocking, surprising, and touching moment. Something appeared on the computer screen cried me a river. It was a birthday gift.

I remember the moment two years a go. When somebody invited me to a gathering, giving me something with a white ribbon. I smiled and said, “thank you for the birthday chocolate”

I remember the moment last year. When a man came to my house with  a motorbike without helmet. When I was up set and wondered why he came home late. But I let my anger go when I realized that he hid something inside his helmet. It was a birthday cake.

I remember the moment three months a go. At four a.m he brought his laptop to my bedroom, showed me and my ittle boy some instructions on screen,  then he gave me some small paper rolls like a lottery. He got me to choose one of them, and the chosen paper said, “500.000 rupiah and dating in a luxurious restaurant”, though we finally spent it in a simple traditional restaurant. That was the first time we celebrated my birthday with our little son.

My husband, he always has his own way to make me happy each year. Year by year passed, but he never forget my birthday.

And now, in his birthday today, I recall our marriage journey. I will never forget this. Almost two years we unite our heart together, going through developmental stages and unpredictable moments. We grow to “give in”, and try hard to throw away “give up”. We grow to accept each other and throw away our ego. We try hard to reach our dreams together, though we realize that there are a mountain of obstacles we should face. But those challenges make us stronger and stronger.

I don’t know how to make a surprise for you, but I, and of course you, must agree that a strong family is now the best gift we ever have.

Happy Birthday My Dearest Husband. I love you, will always love you.

26 Juni 2015